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Terms and Conditions of sale


Pickup and Delivery Orders

1. 50% due and payable upon placement of the order
2. 50% due and payable at pick up or delivery
3. Return check Fee: $25.00

Delivery and Installation Orders 

1. 50% due and payable upon placement of the order
2. 25% due and payable upon delivery of the order
3. 25% due and payable upon completion of the installation.
4. In the event International Closet Center must institute legal proceedings to collect monies owed, Purchaser shall be liable for reasonable
attorney’s fees and costs. Purchaser agrees to accept venue in Miami-Dade County, Florida.
5. PURCHASER’S ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE- Purchaser’s placement of an order is subject to the acceptance
of the terms and conditions stated herein.
6. ACCEPTANCE - All orders are subject to acceptance by the International Closet Center at its principal place of business in Miami, Florida.
7. SPECIFICATIONS - Subject to change without notice, weight, capacities and other specifications are for information purposes only.
International Closet Center assumes no further liability, expressed or implied.
8. CANCELLATIONS - Orders are not subject to cancellation, except with International Closet Center’s consent in which case a 25%
cancellation fee will apply.
9. RETURN OF GOODS- Material shipped as ordered cannot be returned unless authorized by International Closet Center in writing. If return is
allowed by International Closet Center the merchandise must be shipped freight prepaid, and a 25% service charge will apply. Any costs incurred
by International Closet Center to put the returned products in first-class condition will be charged to the Purchaser.
10. ERRORS- clerical and stenographic errors are subject to corrections.
11. DELAY IN DELIVERY- When a date of delivery is given, International Closet Center will make every effort to make shipment as near that
date as possible. International Closet Center assumes no responsibility for any loss or inconvenience caused by the non-delivery at specified
12. PURCHASER’S POSTPONEMENT- In case Purchaser’s postponement of delivery date, payment shall become due in full when the
International Closet Center is prepared to make the shipment. If shipment is held by the International Closet Center for more than 5 days after the
same is ready storage charges will apply.
13. CUSTOMER PICK-UP- Pick up arrangements must be made and confirmed at order placement time. If parts ordered are not picked up
within 5 days of notification that parts are ready, storage charges will apply.
14. DELIVERY AND INSTALLATION- It is the responsibility of Purchaser to make arrangements with condominium and homeowner’s
associations to obtain any necessary permits and to be in compliance with all rules and regulations so that the merchandise may be delivered and
installed timely. Purchaser’s failure to make necessary arrangements which result in a cancellation or postponement of the installation will result
in a installation cancellation fee of $150.00 due and payable by the Purchaser before rescheduling the delivery and installation.
for failure to deliver or for delay in delivery of all or any part of the goods ordered herein by reason of war, civil commotions, labor trouble, fire,
explosion, earthquakes, accident, reduced supply of raw materials, car shortage, embargo, government actions, or any cause whatsoever beyond
the control of International Closet Center, which interferes with the production, consumption or transportation of said goods or the supply of any
raw material of which said goods are a product.
16. All products sold by International Closet Center have a Limited Lifetime Guarantee. The warranty stated herein is in lieu of all other
warranties, expressed or implied, including but not limited to merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.
17. IMPORTANT- Payment of this invoice and/or acceptance of this work order constitutes that the equipment/installation has been examined
by the customer and is 100% complete and properly installed. PLEASE ADVISE IN WRITING IF YOU ARE NOT IN AGREEMENT.
18. NO MODIFICATION OF THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS- Acceptance of this Terms and Conditions constitutes the entire contract of
sale and purchase of the merchandise named herein. No modification of this contract shall be of any force or effect unless in writing and signed
by the party claimed to be bound thereby and no modification shall be effected by the agreement or acceptance of purchase order forms
containing different conditions. No representative of International Closet Center has the authority to change this contract which relates to all
goods delivered, whether sold, delivered as samples or otherwise, in entering into this agreement. Purchaser acknowledges that is has not relied
upon any representation by International Closet Center or on behalf of International Closet Center, whether verbal or written, which have not
been set forth in this contract.
19. All material and will remain the property of International Closet Center until International Closet Center is paid in full.