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Hardware Solutions

Construction and Installation HardwareEverything you may need for a closet installation or job site. from the screws, caps and hinges, to gloves and googles. We have it all.
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Decorative Hardware Make your closets or cabinets neat, tidy, beautiful, and functional. Decorative hardware in a variety of colors and finishes.
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Office Hardware Make your office or home office into a space efficient workspace.
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Garage and Laundry Room Hardware Fit everything, from screw drivers and paper towels, to bicycles and hoses.
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Functional Hardware TV lifts, embeded power strips, table legs and more. Make any piece of furniture functional.
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Kitchen Hardware Make your dream kirchen a reality. Make the most use of corner space and drawers.
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Lighting HardwareLight it up! Accent lighting can turn an ordinary room into a designer's best work.
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When you go through your home remodeling ideas, you should always put the closets on the list. We at International Closet Center use state of the art digital design software...

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We at ICC use only the best inductrial machinery to make sure that our product meets the highest standards of quality in the industry. Whether a custom closet, or just a standard storage unit...

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We take a huge ammount of pride in manufacturing all of our closet systems out of American materials, and using only the highest industry standards to deliver a superior product...

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We pride ourselves on our ability to provide you with a superior experience. At your request, we will deliver and install your custom closet organizers, when and where you need us to...

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