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3-D Design Rendering Service Whether its a simple reach-in closet, or a complex garage storage project, our expert designers will provide a 3-D rendering of the finished product, before you decide to buy.

Consuting Every vision has physical limitations, our design and consulting expoerts will work to ensure that your vison can become a reality.

Installation and Delivery Once your storage needs are identified, and you have aproved the job, we will deliver and install. Our installers work cleanly, friendsly, and timely.

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Mia Closet

Mia Closet miaCloset is our contemporary closet line. It consists of aluminum veticals that can be matched with a variety of shelving options like glass, melamine, plywood, aluminum, etc. Add hang rods and drawer modules, and you'll have a fully functional closet, with a clean and contemporary look.

miaCloset is a perfect and unique solution for a variety of storage problemsThis Florida Style closet system can turn any room in your home into a contemporary storage dream. From home office projects, to open closet space. miaCloset is also versatile, it can be used in stores, or design galleries to project a modern and minimalist look, with exceptional functionality. Begs anyone to ask "who needs California style, when you've got Florida style?"


When you go through your home remodeling ideas, you should always put the closets on the list. We at International Closet Center use state of the art digital design software...

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We at ICC use only the best inductrial machinery to make sure that our product meets the highest standards of quality in the industry. Whether a custom closet, or just a standard storage unit...

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We take a huge ammount of pride in manufacturing all of our closet systems out of American materials, and using only the highest industry standards to deliver a superior product...

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We pride ourselves on our ability to provide you with a superior experience. At your request, we will deliver and install your custom closet organizers, when and where you need us to...

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